Reducing Waste In The Bathroom

Spring has finally hit, well kind of! So why not spring clean your bathroom? Spring is the perfect time to start reducing your bathroom waste, its a great to start again with products which are natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. I’m encouraging you to spring clean your skin care, shower and dental routine but please don’t just throw away old products which are in plastic, use them until they’ve run out or if they’re new give them to friends, family or a charity shop to ensure someone gets use out of them. Remember the key here is to reduce waste, not to cause more.

What can you swap, change or get rid of all together? The answer is everything but I will be suggesting the easiest products which can be changed first, its important to get a positive start with something like reducing waste. There’s nothing worse than starting something like this and contently hitting hurdles because that can be seriously disheartening and you start to feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but stick with it and you will get there. Baby steps are better than none at all.

With that said, here’s part two of my waste reduction posts, I hope you find it helpful.

SHAMPOO! I am very fussy when it comes to shampoo, it needs to smell nice but also leave my hair feeling soft and some of the shampoo bars I’ve tried just don’t make the cut. However, Lush and Suma both sell the most amazing smelling shampoo bars and they make your hair feel great as well. This is a nice easy swap as you can also get these products on the high street.

TOOTHBRUSH & PASTE! One of my first swaps was to a bamboo toothbrush and so many UK companies now sell these. I’m yet to find one in a high street however they’re plenty of places online that sell them a long with natural, vegan friendly toothpaste. You might have to go through a few flavours and brands before you get to the right one, well I have, but that might just be me. Georganics is a great place to start because they also sell mouthwash too!

RAZORS! A way to avoid throw away razors, other than getting waxed, is to get yourself a safety razor this way all your waste will be is a mental thin razor rather than three or four blades covered in masses of plastic. The internet again is the best place to purchase your razor as you can find metal ones on amazon for example but I’ve only been able to find plastic safety razors in the shops, which is pointless!

PERIODS! This one took me a while to convert to but I’ve now been using menstrual cups now for about three years and its the best swap I’ve done. In each and every way this is a fantastic swap from waste reduction to physical menstrual cramps and you don’t have to empty the cup as regularly than you would have to replace a tampon – that’s what I’ve found anyway.

The above is a few suggestions to get you started on your bathroom spring cleaning.

Much love x

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