The World Of Plastics

I never really thought about what I bought, the packaging in came in, or where it would go once I was done with it. Once I started getting more into "saving the planet", I started to recycle. At my place, there's this (ironically) plastic bin where we put all of our recyclables in, to later dump them in the larger, plastic bins downstairs. I always thought I was doing my part, I was really making a difference by recycling, but I came to the realization that I had been doing it all wrong and all of my "recyclables" were really going to the landfill. No liquids or food residue is allowed in the recycling or the whole lot is just trashed, just a heads-up. Now I realize, recycling isn't even the answer. (Crazy, right.) There's no need to buy all of these things just to attempt to recycle their packaging, when you can just go without the plastic packaging to begin with. It's easier than one may originally think, and I'll post a whole separate blog about going waste-free. The amount of plastic trash that we produce is pounds per day, an absurd amount. The inspiration behind this post comes...Read More

Reducing Waste In The Bathroom

Spring has finally hit, well kind of! So why not spring clean your bathroom? Spring is the perfect time to start reducing your bathroom waste, its a great to start again with products which are natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. I’m encouraging you to spring clean your skin care, shower and dental routine but please don’t just throw away old products which are in plastic, use them until they’ve run out or if they’re new give them to friends, family or a charity shop to ensure someone gets use out of them. Remember the key here is to reduce waste, not to cause more. What can you swap, change or get rid of all together? The answer is everything but I will be suggesting the easiest products which can be changed first, its important to get a positive start with something like reducing waste. There’s nothing worse than starting something like this and contently hitting hurdles because that can be seriously disheartening and you start to feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but stick with it and you will get there. Baby steps are better than none at all. With that said, here’s part two of my waste reduction...Read More

Fun Vegan Recipes For Kids

Being a parent is pretty exhausting… being a parent that is attempting to live frugally adds as certain extra ‘thinking’ layer and then worrying about your ethical values and impact on the World could make it a real headache. BUT it doesn’t have to be - you are not alone in trying to combine these two important things…it is possible to save money and save the world, really! Over at The Frugal Family we share our efforts and our experiences to help offer solutions to these tricky dual demands. I honestly believe that by being open to the ups and downs of our quest to be frugal and ethical we will help others to at least give it a shot. We are just an ordinary family and are looking to offer realistic and practical ideas, after many years helping other to balance their lives, I’ve taken time out to work on my own life, and family on our new mantra - to spend less, use less and do more! One way I try to encourage the kids to think about their impact, and live frugally is through food. We love to cook and bake here at Frugal HQ, and I...Read More

Reducing Waste In The Kitchen

It always comes back to the reduce, reuse, recycle ‘rule’ (I hate the word rule so lets say ideal). The three R’s to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and now the plastic issue is very prominent in the media and to be honest I don’t know why it’s taken so long but it has made everyone think about their lifestyle more – which is great! Now the media has a grasp on actually how bad the problem is the more eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t going to slow down if anything it’s going to gain some serious speed. Being someone recently over the past year is trying to change my purchasing habits and lifestyle to become more ethically conscious I think it’s important to share your tips with others. What have you found easy and hard to swap, share resources, websites and other information otherwise you’ll never expand your knowledge enough to move to the next step. As you can tell I’ve heavily avoided the word zerowaste. Why is this? Because in my head it just can’t compute that concept and I think that’s the same with a lot of people. Personally I feel there’s always going to be some...Read More

16 Accidentally Vegan Treats That You NEED In Your Life!

Veganism isn’t always about health and not all vegan treats are marked with a big ol’ V, some are hiding in your local supermarket just waiting for you to discover them. I can’t even explain the feeling of happiness I have find out a favourite treat of mine (pre vegan times) is actually vegan. As someone with a sweet tooth and a love of snacking, accessible vegan products are a must for me (I don’t always have time to get myself to a health food shop). Below is a selection of my favourite accidentally vegan treats, I hope you enjoy! Cereal Cookie from Lidl Lidl’s version of Nestle’s Cookie Crisp but accidentally vegan! This tastes just as good as the real thing. Belvita Breakfast Tops Biscuits with a Nutella-like topping, absolutely delicious! Belvita also have a range of Soft Bake’s which also have an accidentally vegan chocolate version, super yummy. Tesco’s Frozen Churro’s Easy pudding for when friends are around for shoving in the oven. Warm chocolate, lovely dough and cinnamon sugar to top it off. Lidl also sell a vegan version of these. Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix Replace the egg and milk with plant based options and...Read More

How To Be Zero Waste As An Expat In Asia

As a writer for Attitude Organic, I started reading more and more about the zero waste movement. I am not a zero waste expert but I do want to help the cause. The thing is: I live in Asia, in a country where you have almost no choice but to buy your veggies packaged individually and where recycling is not cared about. This is how I wondered: “Is it possible to go zero waste as an expat in Asia?” Read this article to get the answer and to find some tips to start with. The waste management system in Asia I know it is not going to be the funniest part of the article dear readers but you need to be aware of the waste management situation in Asia to understand the issue. First a figure! In Thailand in 2011, only 26% of the waste was recycled. They burn the rest like they were doing 500 years ago. It was efficient back then as everything was organic but since the 20th century and the plastic apparition, it is a real problem. Thus, as it is clear that the zero waste movement makes even more sense in Asia than in western...Read More

5 Easy Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We live in a world with a ‘throwaway’ culture, influenced by consumerism and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items- I’m talking plastic bags, plastic drinking straws, packaging- you name it, we throw it. Plastic pollutes every corner of the earth, damaging the world we live in, and tainting our seas with masses of waste. It is important that we put into practise reduce, reuse, recycle, in order to do our bit to help the planet! I want to share with you some great tips to help you reuse products, which in term reduces waste and minimalises consumption! 1. Glass packaging: Many sauces, jams, spreads are sold in glass jars with lids. There are many ways to reuse them! From storing pantry items such as seeds or nuts, to using them as desk organisers, or even as drinking glasses! Here is a way I have reused some cute glass dessert pots which contained tiramisu from Aldi- we now use these containers for dips and sauces- not only do they look cute, they are super handy! 2. Plastic bags: If you’re already upping your eco-friendly game, you most likely already use a tote bag, or a reusable shopping bag for doing...Read More