Ethical Policy

How Does The Ethical Box Choose Products To Feature?

The products I choose to feature in The Ethical Box are all companies that have a positive impact, I try my best to feature as many UK based brands as possible in order to cut down on the impact of flying any stock around the world. I also believe in supporting local businesses. You can find the Ethical Policies on the individual websites of all brands featured in the description of each box.

What Won’t You Stock?

I won’t be stocking anything non-vegan, anything that is or has been tested on animals at any point in its creation, anything created or harvested in ways that puts people in danger or takes advantage of workers. I will avoid stocking anything with any harmful chemicals and anything that cannot be recycled or composted.

Are All The Products Organic?

I will be stocking organic products to the best of my ability. There won’t be much food stocked in any of the boxes so it will be fabrics

Will Everything Be Certified Fairtrade?

I appreciate not everything has been Fairtrade certified, likewise how not every cruelty free brand is leaping bunny certified. I will ensure to the best of my ability that everything stocked is fair-trade and has come from an honest and ethical background. Please refer to the ethical policies found in the description of each box and please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have.

What Is Your Relationship Like With The Companies You Buy From?

I try my best to choose companies whom products I have experience with. I like my customers to know that the products they are getting are high quality and effective. I will always research the best I can into any company before choosing to work with them and ensure their products are good quality and ethical, I’ll often discuss brands with various other people whom opinions I trust and value before putting them into a box.

What Else Are You Doing To Ensure The Ethical Box Is Ethical?

I have created this website with the help of GreenHosting who run their serves on 100% wind power. I also chose to use the Cooperative Bank to run transactions from as they are one of the top ethical banks in the UK. I will also be donating £1 from every box sold to a charity plus the Cooperative Bank will also be donating to a charity on my behalf. The box itself is 100% recyclable and any paper stuffing inside is made from 100% recycled coffee cups and can be recycled again. I am in the process of looking for packaging boxes that are made themselves from 100% recycled material but as of yet I have not come across one.
If you have any questions, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at